J E Solomon

What could have been a potentially tragic incident in New York involving 150 passengers
and 5 crew members on board a jetliner on Thursday, January 15, 2009 became a miracle and
heroism on the Hudson River between Manhattan and New Jersey.

US Airways flight 1549 had taken off from LaGuadia Airport en route to Charlotte, North  
Carolina in the afternoon at approximately 3.26pm ET when three minutes later, the pilot
reportedly made a chilly announcement: “There’s been engine failure. Brace yourselves
for an inpact.” Words that could immediately create panic and cause chaos under the
circumstance. Interestingly, it was said to be relatively calm even as smoke was detected
from the engines and imminent danger loomed.

The cause of the engine failure was attributed to a flock of birds hitting the engines
during take-off.

According to reports monitored on TV, the Airbus A320, initially headed southward but quickly
turned westward and made an unusual descent over the Hudson River in a manner that drew
suspicion among onlookers, particularly office employees in some tall buildings in New
York. The commercial airliner soon ditched safely into the river sending Homeland Security
officials into a momentary scare as sirens sounded and emergency boats rushed to the rescue
of the gradually sinking plane.

The pilot, the hero in this miraculous drama, was identified as Captain Chesley “Sully”
Sullenberger, a veteran with over 40 years flying experience. His extraordinarily calm
composure in the wake of potential disaster made a great difference. The crew members also
reportedly did a great job in calming the frightened passengers.

Rescue operation was swift and all 155 on board were rescued. One person suffered a fractured
leg. A few people were taken to hospital for observation though, but they were said to be
in stable condition.

The recorded temperature in New York at the time of the crash was 20 degrees. The water
temperature was said to be in the thirties. With such frigid temperatures, no wonder some
passengers had to be treated for hypothermia – a condition of subnormal body temperature.

By all indications, this was an incredibly miraculous survival, and we thank God for it.

Meanwhile, astronumerologists will be quick to offer suggestions pointing to a positive
vibration surrounding Flight 1549. In astronumerology, the figure “1” is reputed to carry an
incredible positive vibration that could attract good omen. The number 1549 (1+5+4+9 =19;
1+9=10, 1+0 =1). Significantly, the day itself, the 15th, adding up to 6, (1+5=6) also
is said to attract a positive influence.

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