Winds, winds, strong winds
Did someone provoke you?
Did something ever happen?
That might have pissed you off
What must have caused you
To be so angry and vicious, as
To muster all your weapons
Weapons of mass destruction
Powered by energy and velocity
And fury, to cause such havoc?
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Destructions that remind us of
The days of Noah and his Ark

Winds, oh strong winds
In different forms you appear
Gale, Thunderstorm, Hurricane,
Tornado, Typhoon, Cyclone

Was it our sins that angered you?
Our life destructive actions?
Was it our reckless attitudes?
Towards Mother Earth?
Were these attacks vengeance?
Irene, Katrina, Sandy, and others
We still remember with anguish
How many more shall we have to
Suffer to appease your anger?

Whenever you move, it’s all hell
Power lines lose their power
Buildings surrender their roofs
The vulnerable ones fall apart
Clouds let loose their moisture
As torrents of heavy downpour
Flights are reluctantly cancelled
Airplanes get to stay grounded
Engines malfunction in your tracks
Trees can’t withstand your might
The ocean, rivers and streams
All are no match against you
You cause them to overflow
To overstep their boundaries
Resulting in relentless floods that
Sweep humans and vehicles away
As if fettered in chains
Leaving nothing to safety
As rescuers wait for the calm

We know how powerful you’re
But how unkindly, we can’t predict
Wickedness is even not a word
Fit to describe what you can be
Perhaps outrageous is a better
Description for all your actions
Yet, to avoid more of your anger
We just might say, with humility
That, you’re just being you —
Strong winds, and nothing else.

September 2017

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