ANYONE who repeatedly falls to the temptation of committing acts tantamount to evil is motivated by active ill-will. He might be driven by ingrained jealousy or hate. The best protection against such a person is keeping them at a distance, one that ensures the evil thinker is nowhere near your open arms.

There was this friend of mine, Afotey. He was backstabbed by Alonte Din, a co-worker he had come to regard as a friend. It was a slanderous act that caused Afotey a nomination for an overseas training opportunity. He was devastated and felt like quitting the job, but some colleagues talked him out of quitting and he decided to stay. He described the weeks that followed as the most restless period in his working life.

In order to move on with his life and the job, he had to put the issue behind him. He chose the path of forgiveness to free his mind.  In spite of that, he distanced himself from the slanderer. Afotey only interacted with Alonte Din strictly on work-related issues while on the job.  Soon everyone noticed the sudden separation.

During that time, a lady employee, Esther, became Afotey’s newfound co-worker friend. It was a purely nonsexual relationship that was confined to the workplace. Somehow, tongues began to wag over their friendship. Esther was already in a relationship and was soon to be engaged. She had told her would-be husband about Afotey, knowing very well she had nothing to hide. In fact, she was going to invite Afotey for the planned engagement.

Surprisingly, the workplace gossip regarding the Esther-Afotey relationship found wings and flew to town. And the carrier “airline” was no other than Alonte Din. Esther was rumored to be having sexual relationship with Afotey. The stories that churned out beyond the gates of the workplace were simply too damaging. As a result, their very cordial relationship on the job received a big jolt. 

When an envious person decides to fabricate lies, and embarks on outright disinformation tactics to destroy an innocent person, while trying to enhance his/her own personal success, that’s not a misguided action. That is evil, pure and simple. And evil does not die, it waits to be reborn. To ignore such malicious acts and downplay the perpetrator’s real intent is to drop one’s guard in the face of a potentially dangerous adversary.  People driven by inordinate and unwholesome desires will often stop at nothing to achieve their objectives, however despicable the outcome. 

Forgiving an adversary and not thinking of revenge is important; in fact, it’s necessary for complete wholeness of mind, body and soul. However, to choose to forget as if nothing ever happened is like playing the ostrich.


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