By J E Solomon 
Dark clouds now hang over the US economy
An uncertain climate for a while to loom
Projecting a future full of gloom
For an economy that was once a boom
But now reveals a system of loopholes

Life is replete with ups and downs
There comes the need to make adjustment
So while we’re in this predicament
It’s time to restructure government
And admit that deregulation was a flop

A wise man changes his mind sometimes
An unwise man never, never will
To our lawmakers on Capitol Hill
We urge you to come up with a bill
That’ll end ridiculous executive bonuses

This is not the time to witch hunt
And try to find fault with republicrats
Or put blame on some liberal democrats
For a system crafted by selfish bureaucrats
It’s time to rethink and find what works.

Copyright © 2009: John E Solomon All rights reserved


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