By Chris Odediran

Wall Street CEOs
Watchdogs of our economy
Became rulers of our economy
And exploited our money
Into their kind of honey
Sweet to their wanton tastes.

Wall Street CEOs
Their tastes unsatiated
The public they infuriated  
As their needs turned into wants
With filty bonuses and grants
Designed to perpetuate their lifestyles.  
Wall Street CEOs
Soon got out of control
With fat checks from payroll
They turned their backs on the needy
And the more they became greedy
All to quench their wanton desires.

When Wall Street collapsed
In desperation they cried out
And government sent a bailout
Out of consideration and pity
It was money from the needy
Not profit from their business.

And yet, Wall Street CEOs
As Congress showed compassion
They failed to show discretion
And remained insensitive as usual
With expenditures too unusual
Executive jets, executive dinners, etc.

Wall Street CEOs
Why misuse taxpayer’s money?
When you can’t make your honey
You guys are still smiling
While the poor keep crying
Enough is enough, no profit, no bonuses!

Copyright © 2009: Christopher Odediran All rights reserved


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