It's Been 5 Years

It's Been 5 Years


THIS website is 5 years old this month.  November 5, 2008 was when it all started.  What better day to announce the 5th anniversary than today, which is Thanksgiving Day. as a personal blog has survived 5 years for a couple of reasons.  Words of encouragement from friends and readers like you have always given me the boost to continue writing.  I'm profoundly grateful for your readership. I'm also thankful to my family for their encouragement.

My good friend Christopher Odediran, the brain behind it all, is perhaps a major reason why I can't give up on this financially unrewarding venture.  His generosity and unflinching support are efforts I can't just let go to waste.  Apart from designing and building the website, he has also been technically supportive as a co-administrator, updating the website as and when necessary.  To give up on this blogging effort will be a great disservice for all of his invaluable help. 

I'm profoundly grateful to God for His kindness that has led me into the circle of some very selfless and true friends who are in my life as God’s own way of showing His love for me.  May the Almighty richly bless each and every one of these earthly angels that are in my life to enrich it and to manifest the Benevolence of Life. 

Writing has been for me a passion I simply can’t control.  I'll always treasure it as God's gift.  Having a mind that’s always flooded with thoughts deeply insightful and sometimes very funny, prose and poetic expressions, as well as photographic recollections of many years experiences, the urge to write some of these thoughts down is really hard to resist.  More than just for the love of it, the process of writing down my thoughts has always been rewarding as it comes with unique feelings of inner peace and gratitude for all of life.  Failing to write or express what comes to mind usually lead to awful feelings of regret and lost opportunities.  So leisure writing, in fact, has long been for me a way of keeping my spirits high; it's also a healing balm to my mind, and a source of energy.

There had been times when I have had to pull over to the side while driving just to write down some of the spontaneous flow of thoughts that would lead to writing an article, prose or poem as well as funny stories.  If not immediately transcribed on paper, such thoughts would be gone completely from my mind, often never to resurface again.

In the past, when I didn't have this blog, some manuscripts had eventually ended in trash cans after being archived for long periods of time and somehow, the initial excitement with the writings had died down.  Now, that doesn't happen any more.  And it's all because of this website and you, dear reader.