I Am Black; You Are White, ....

I Am Black; You Are White, ....


The world today is experiencing great awakening and enlightenment.  As a result, humanity has come to appreciate and cherish the truth about the oneness of Life more than ever before.  Most people now treasure the intrinsic values inherent in all humans, and don’t dwell needlessly on the outer forms that only show our differences.  

 As is evident today, more whites are marrying or dating blacks.  Also more white families are reaching out and embracing disadvantaged blacks and adopting their young ones as their own.  They love such experience and feel proud of being part of the biracial adoption culture.  Sadly, however, some people remain close-minded and primitive as to bitch about skin color.

 It amuses me so much that some people still have a problem with the skin color of those of us who are dark, I mean black, as God wanted it.  These mean-spirited people often make fun of us.  Their children, too, think it’s alright to throw jabs of unkind words at their black schoolmates.  

Some blacks don’t look black anyway.  They’re less lucky in the sense of not being truly black or white. You can hardly make them out when they mix with white people.  Interestingly, when they’re among blacks you may think they’re white folks invited into the fold as honorary members of the black race.  Like the guy in the Wite Haus.  NBA star Kris Humphries and CNN Special Correspondent Soledad O’Brien are other such known blacks.  They’re described as biracial. 

We all know the Creator didn’t design any original biracial person.  It’s purely a man-made creation, the direct result of human crossbreeding.  When animals do it, we call it crossbreeding.  When human beings do the same thing, we say it’s inter-marriage.  Intermarriage?  So what about the case of children that are born out of wedlock, through mixed race relationships that never become marriage?  Inter-what?  We have interracial marriage, interethnic marriage, and intertribal – words, words, that’s just what they are.  But still, God’s okay with all of them.  So what’s the big deal about race and color?

 Let’s get back to the topic. I am black; you are white, and so what?  As my cousin Nii-Ahuma often says, “God, in His infinite wisdom, was not stu**d when He created humans of different skin color.”  I also think that God didn't make a mistake when He created the ocean and put fishes of different colors in it – red fish, blue fish, black fish, white fish, etc.  That's God's expression of His awesome powers of creativity and diversity in manifestation.  It runs through all of Nature – in fruits (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, yellow raspberries), and in vegetables, birds, reptiles and the four-footed animals.   The Zebra, as God wanted it, is both black and white in extremely beautiful stripes.  That wasn't by accident.

If anyone has a problem with the dark skin, let them complain to God.