The Unwrapped Gifts

The Unwrapped Gifts


Suppose I could afford to I would have sent each one of you a wrapped gift possibly along with gift cards that have monetary values, but I could not.  However, it's not always the gifts that are wrapped that are the best.

 Wrapped gifts don't truly reveal the depth of love, affection and appreciation that normally rise up and flow out from the sender's heart at the time they're being wrapped.  They seldom convey the excitement and the joyful mood that typically go with packaging such seasonal gifts.   

 Words, too, don't really portray the thoughts and feelings as much. However, without doubt, words have the unique ability to bring our minds closer to the deep feelings and kindly thoughts than wrapped gifts would normally do. Words can carry as much power and strength in revealing our inner most feelings.

 Ideally, the best of gifts are the unwrapped gifts. Unwrapped gifts normally are shared all year round and not just seasonally. They’re the expressions of goodwill from heart to heart, and from soul to soul.  The joy we feel in our hearts by being in the company of adorable friends, amazing co-workers, and loved ones. The deep feeling of satisfaction we experience when help comes just at the right time during difficult times because someone is readily available for support; all of these are priceless, and they’re the bigger gifts of life.   

 So, as we enter the New Year, I send all of you my warmest greetings and appreciation for the unwrapped gifts of love, smiles, hugs, support, pleasant surprises, inspiring messages, etc that made the past year one to be cherished with sweet memories.

 May we all continue to lift one another in spirit every day with more of the unwrapped gifts this New Year.  May we open our hearts to receive and give cheerfully as if we’re storing up treasures to be enjoyed in this life time and in the other life after life; it’s easy to do.  It requires no money.  All it takes is an open and cheerful heart.