He's Gone; She's Gone - Forget It

He's Gone; She's Gone - Forget It


When it comes to relationships of any kind

In the real sense of the word, there’s nothing like loss

Someone walks out of your life with or without a cause

It may be God’s way of setting things divinely right

For a future filled with success and great delight


In an unhealthy marital relationship

If your man didn’t care about hurting your feelings

And chose to engage in extra-marital dealings

Deciding finally to settle with some other woman (or man)

You’ll be adding misery to injury by trying to hate that man


If a man expected a relationship to last forever

And if the woman wasn’t excited about it in the beginning

Never showed commitment after the beginning

And she’s now gone to hook up with another

He can avoid the pain of rejection by refusing to bother


After a disappointing relationship of any kind

Pick yourself up and get something worth doing

There’s more to live for than spending time brooding

   over another human being’s thoughtless act toward you

The inner spirit of unfailing strength will never leave you


Copyright © 2011: John E Solomon. All rights reserved