She Love Veggies

She Love Veggies

She loves veggies

White carrots and Albino carrots

And some other types of root veggies

All from her very intimate pals

The only providers of all her veggies

Veggies she nurture in her garden

Her beautifully kept garden


She prefers veggies raw and full length

Not the chopped veggies

Or the cooked and soft ones

But the raw and firm

She enjoys the munching,

The sucking and the unique feel

Of a lengthy and firm veggie

In her moistened mouth


She resents packaged carrots

And all packaged root veggies

She hates veggies in plastic

Especially when wrapped in latex

It makes veggies feel unnatural

And don’t also taste real

Compared with the skin raw

Full length, firm and real veggies


Copyright © 2014 John E Solomon. All rights reserved