Speak Out Your Mind

Speak Out Your Mind

Excerpts from “Speak Out Your Mind”


Always speak out your mind

Even if to be condemned

And presumed to be unkind

People may push you behind

But can’t steal your state of mind

As long as you keep your right mind

And not be swayed by an ill wind

Else you’ll lose your sound mind

And be controlled by their state of mind

Motivated to keep you blind and behind

And have you helplessly confined

So speak out loud your open mind

Whenever you feel inclined

By such you’ll be always be defined

As a person with unique strength of mind


Someone I know is green with envy

Although he has plenty

And I don’t have a penny

Chose to tarnish my name

To bring me absolute shame

Perhaps even wished I were dead

He tried to steal my bread

My bread without jam

Because of what I am

Always happy and funny

While he’s hardly happy

Because of ingrained jealousy

And zeal for hate and enmity