Intentionally Random and Funny (8)

Intentionally Random and Funny (8)


I hated Physics when I was in 2ndary school

It was too incomprehensible to my mind

It came with Biology and Chemistry combined

And Physics made me seem like a fool


Long after I was done with formal schooling

And thought I was also done with Physics

I was required to take some Physics basics

As an X-ray student to face another grueling


Why are some people so nosy ….

As to poke their noses into other people’s business

Even when it’s absolutely none of their business

I can’t stand people who are too nosy


A girl called Tracy often appears in my dream

She's been causing me to feel uneasy

And making me want to go out and scream

To tell everyone I’m crazy about Tracy


If you believe you have a place in Heaven

Why not hasten your death and just go

And leave those of us who don’t know

To continue to make this Life our Heaven


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