An Elusive Love

An Elusive Love


I see your face every day

It’s always in my mind’s eye

Yet you’re still far away

And even though I try

In my own small way

To make you see why

I do think of you all day

You still think it’s a lie

And you say there’s no way

You’ll ever give my love a try

Even if for just one day

To give me a hug and say “hi”

Or, say you love me the same way

It makes me want to cry

’cause you disbelieve what I say

And when I give you the lover’s eye

You always turn your face away

You won’t hug me when you say goodbye

But I know that someday

If you don’t give in and I die

You’ll be the one to cry each day

And I won’t be around as you cry

To say all the things I used to say

That you thought were all a lie

But for now it won’t hurt for me to pray

That you develop wings of love and fly

Then I will be meeting you half the way

So we’ll find a place that’s quiet, grassy and dry

Where together we can lay, clinch, kiss, and play

And with time, you’ll come to know I’m a faithful guy


Copyright ©2013 John E Solomon. All rights reserved