Intentionally Random and Funny (7)

Intentionally Random and Funny (7)


If you think it’s okay to wear a frown

And all that’s on your mind is to frown

Regardless of how it makes you look

Then find a place to hide and frown


If I love to smile

And all I do is smile

And it bothers you

Close your eyes when I smile


If I’m in your life

As part of life

And you don’t trust me

I’ll get out of your life


If we’ve got to live to argue

And all there’s to do is to argue

For the rest of our lives

Then I’m not the type to argue


If I’m not your boss

But you want to be the boss

Of my God given life

Forget about being the boss


If we’ve got to live to fight

And all you like is to fight

For the rest of our lives

Then to hell with your fight


If you think it’s great to hate

And you can’t live without it

For the rest of your life

Heaven help you with the hate


If we’ve got to live to love

And you believe in love

Then do what lovers do

Otherwise forget about love


Life has endowed me to be funny

And has been supportive of my being funny

If you aren’t happy with my fun craze

Why not pray for me to stop being funny


Copyright © 2014: John E Solomon. All rights reserved