His agenda was OBAMA CARE to destroy
The electorate he entrapped with a decoy
One that received excitement from its genesis —
Obama care, Muslims, immigrants our nemesis
We’ve got to send them all back home
His plans he claimed were awesome
They would make America great as well
What exactly they were he couldn’t tell

Obama care he was bent to destroy
Using every means he could employ
His plans he put in action and set to roll
In a bid to achieve his mean-spirited goal
His motives were as predictable
As they clearly were detestable
His admirers’ expectations were high
And for them, victory seemed very nigh

Taunting was their game
All because of One Name—
Instead of Health Care
But while they treated Obama care with disdain
They had in their own camp a John McCain
And 2 others who looked past the resentment
With stainless wisdom and discernment
That helped put paid to a useless venture
One that would’ve led to a dismal future—
A complete abolition of Obama care
Not an improvement in our health care
And so for all the noise and hullabaloo
The Trump-GOP repeal bill didn’t go through
But that, in itself, makes America great
And the 3 GOP dissenters truly great.

July 2017: All rights reserved




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