Excerpts From “You’re Cordially Invited”

You’re cordially invited
For a trip into my mind
But beware of one thing
That you’re only a visitor
Only there to observe
Not to post anything

There’s a lot you may see
My past, and my present
The values I hold dearly
The ideals that I live by
My peculiar inclinations
Towards the spiritual,
My stand on the material
And all acts of treachery
Dishonesty and double-standards

The refined, and the raw
Will not escape your view
You’ll also see the very clean,
And of course, the dirt also
My strengths, my weaknesses
Together they make me human
There’re some things you’ll like
And others you’ll NOT
Depending essentially on
How you look at things
Whether you use your eyes
Like we normally will do
Or you use your mind
To categorize what you see
As “Likes” and “Dislikes.”
Even with your limited perceptions

Perhaps the things you like the most
Pertaining to Earthly life
May be the ones you’ll readily see
But if you care about humanity
About the things of Spirit and of Love
About the Inner Life and contentment
Of Universal Brotherhood
Built on love without boundaries
And friendships that have no walls
A oneness of people not by Race
And not by any particular religion
Just people, normal happy people
Who’ve realized their divine identity
Undeluded and untainted by beliefs
Or, by nurtured pride and prejudice,
By ideologies and systems that only
Separate, and tear mankind apart
Rather than unite and enliven us.

If a fountain of love for humanity
A recognition of the Higher Life
Not the pursuit of higher lifestyles
Are the driving force that moves you
Then surely, will you find in my mind
A very welcome place to be
One you can call your ‘home’
However, if your mind is tainted
And your thoughts are inundated
By things worldly and unrighteous
Running on pillars of greed and envy
Then you will less likely feel at home
For the vibrations of the Higher Life
As of the likes of tidal waves
Will sweep you off your feet
For being a persona non grata

However, if you ever care to revisit
If only you’re transformed in thoughts
And renewed by spiritual filtration
Stripped of all pride and prejudice
Of all your attachments to dogmas
Of all fears of the Unknown,
Of a so-called Devil, or Satan
Ever watching and ready to harm you
Or a fear of Hell and its eternal fire
Yes, when your mind is renewed
And made as transparent as glass
And as guileless as an infant
Will you, once again,
Be cordially invited
For a guided tour of my mind.

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