Under His watch I walk
Each and every step
No matter the terrain I’m safe
Rain and storm notwithstanding
I’m always guided and protected
Angels with radar afar watching
By day under the Sun
By night while I sleep
This, my adversaries know
And dare not come nearer
Lest an aura of vibration
Hovering like a storm
As of a hurricane
They’ll have to encounter
And be torn asunder
Or be crushed to death
This, my adversaries know
Wherever I may go
And so, to this day
As has been from childhood
Fear and me, always apart
Farther than the skies above
Making me dauntless
As the Divine Spirit itself
For that which is within
Is greater than that without
For thus says the Father-Mother, God
And this, my adversaries must know.

June 2017: All rights reserved

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