By J E Solomon
Last Saturday, April 22, 2017, I returned home from enjoying a night at the Trumpets Jazz Club & Restaurant in Montclair, NJ, where Ty Stephens & The Soul Jazz thrilled the audience. It was whaao!

During a short break, Ty walked up to greet the audience. He spotted me behind one of the tables and walked up to give me a hug. As we were talking, a lady sitting nearby confessed to Ty, saying, “You made me shed tears while u sang the last relationship song.” Ty himself acknowledged that he saw two ladies in the front row wiping tears off their cheeks.

It was a night to remember. My very first time at this club and I’m gonna go there again when the Soul Jazz makes another appearance. Sometimes it’s appropriate to follow one’s mind. My inner voice had literally been “disturbing” me with reminders to attend this particular event. I’m too glad I did. The music, the entire performance, and the coolness of the place made it all very pleasing.

Music, soulful music, sometimes can raise one’s spirits moon high. Such was my experience.

This is what I’ve come to realize. People who have more compassion in their hearts for humanity than the love for money and material wealth, do have the power to change the world. The power of selfless love, Divine love, transcends everything — race, ethnicity, creed, color, politics, religion, etc etc.

The world needs your love. Be a champion for peace and love for the sake of all humanity. Develop an open heart, open mind and open arms, and you’ll experience the extraordinary joy and beauty of love without boundaries.

The other members of the Soul Jazz band are: RICHARD CUMMINGS, Jr (piano/music direction)
RON “Rondew” MONROE (bass) ROBERT (RT) TAYLOR (guitar) SIPHO KUNENE (drums)

— Saturday, April 22, 2017

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