Hatred can never be

A fruit of the Spirit

Though from within

It cometh forth


Hatred comes not

With intentions pure

But motives destructive

Desiring one thing

To stop the way of

Peace and progress

A hater’s motive is

One of active ill-will

Full of treachery

A manifestation of

All that’s evil inspired


Surrender not to hatred

Attack hate if you will

Not with hate but with love

And be careful not to

Return any evil with evil

For the love of evil

Is the driving force

That inspires jealousy

Underestimate not a hater


Boldly walk away

From hatred and a hater

And may you not be deceived

By a hater’s professed

Change of heart; never!

It’s like the chameleon

Never to be taken as is

Evil is forever evil

Remember this one truth

“Evil does not die, it waits to be reborn.”



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