A FRIEND recently shared his experience of an ongoing encounter with someone determined to turn his ship of peace and harmony upside down.  He has to deal with one of those people we could rightly describe as being controlled by their wolves of hate; people filled with deep-seated jealousy that are usually unhappy with themselves for what they have, that they presume to be inferior and instead, desperately eager to possess what others have, that they believe is superior to theirs.  They’re wolves of hate personified.

It could be the job u currently have, or a great opportunity that has suddenly come your way; maybe it’s your car, your spouse/fiancée or, your flourishing business. Perhaps u occupy a unique position in a voluntary organization or an association in which the wolf of hate is also a member. Probably u could be a very likeable person and everyone around admires and adores u.  But most of all u’re gifted with multiple talents and public speaking is one of them, enabling u to speak with ease and grace.  Your very presence induces strong feelings of dislike and pain in the heart of a wolf of hate, and he/she feels uncomfortable.  An intense desire to hurt u gradually builds up within this person and evil fills their heart and mind. They’re full of hate and envy and are driven by a spirit of covetousness.

The achievements and successes of other people tend to irritate them and drive them insane.  They would devise ways to make your life miserable if they can.  Wolves of hate can emerge from anywhere.  They could be people u work with.  They could be people around u, and in some cases, they could be the very person u have embraced in your life as a friend, brother or sister.

In the case of this friend of mine, the wolf of hate is a member of his church.  My friend, let’s refer to him simply as JKA.  He’s a responsible married man with children and has a decent job.  He devotes time for issues pertaining to his church as his contribution towards winning souls for Jesus.  He has served diligently in the church for years and has very challenging responsibilities that involve working with other church members.  While he’s approachable and is generally applauded for his efforts, somehow, someone envious of his position is also scheming behind the scenes trying to cause disaffection for him.  JKA gets feedbacks from well-wishers concerning hate rants and unfavorable comments by this unusual enemy and is aware of the destructive tendencies of this wolf of hate.

Now suppose u’re JKA, and u abide by spiritual laws that enjoin u to not return hatred with hatred, but rather to return love in the face of hatred, then u may want to avoid confrontation and continue to do your job in the best way u can.  However, a typical and determined wolf of hate will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.  It’s not easy trying to deal with such an enemy, especially one that u can’t completely avoid.  Ignore their ill-motivated actions.  Open your hearts towards them; love them and be nice to them, and invariably, they’ll still continue to display the same negative feelings and actions.

If u, or someone u know is facing such an adversary who’s driven by a spirit of covetousness, tell them to keep their minds clean of counter negative thoughts and instead center their thoughts on God, the unseen Power that controls the entire Universe.  In their daily prayers and spiritual practices, they should remember to extend the same kindly thoughts they send to their loved ones to the adversaries also.  Filling one’s mind with things of the spirit – righteous acts, virtuousness, humility, honesty, love, gratitude and compassion will go a long way to neutralize the wicked thoughts and actions of people inclined to do evil.

Tell your loved ones to desist from wishing evil for the wolves of hate in their lives.  It’s normal to be angry sometimes.  After all anger is not a vice.  The Master Jesus even displayed anger in the temple when he drove the money changers and other merchants out of the temple and overturned their tables. (John 2:15 and Matthew 21:12)

Finally, and please remember that if in your moment of anger while dealing with such a person, u find yourself unable to resist the temptation to cause physical injury, and u end up doing something stupid, something that goes against the law, mind u, the law will not deal with the wolf of hate whose actions sparked off your anger.  The law will deal with u and the wolf of hate will be the winner.  Not u, the victim of intense hate.







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