I love words

I fell in love with words

From the day I started

To learn and write English

Come and Came; Begin and Began

It was fun and I loved it


I love words

Especially rhyming words

They fascinate me a lot

Like Conferred




I love words

I know a lot of words

I mean English words

And words from the Akan language

Like asore, ay3 din, somu hw3, twe bra

Which are all foreign to my mother-tongue


I love words

I wish I know Swahili

And especially Hausa

I understand it’s very euphemistic

My late dad and two paternal brothers

All spoke the original Hausa of Kano, Nigeria


I love words, foreign words

I failed to take advantage of French

While in secondary school

The part of my brain responsible for language

Must be devoid of cognitive sharpness

I had to date  Akan girls to be able to speak Twi


I love words, words foreign to my mother-tongue

And if I have to do the same thing I did

To get to know and speak another language

I’m going to get a fiancé who speaks Swahili

To teach me the very basics of the language

Starting with how to say, me kon dor.


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