By J E Solomon

It’s been my strength and refuge
A hearing but invisible Power
A Power unlike any other
It revives my soul
And makes me whole.

It’s been my strength and refuge
A Power I’ve come to adore
And can’t afford to ignore
It would strip me of unhealthy habits
And in bad times raise high my spirits.

It’s been my strength and refuge
A Power I’ve come to trust
Though my own self I mistrust
As human as I am and fallible
It’s folly to seem to be infallible.

It’ll always be my strength and refuge
In deep silence and in stillness
As I reach out to Him with meekness
That Power with me will abide
And fear in me no longer will reside.

Copyright © 2010: John E Solomon All rights reserved

In commemoration of  World Poetry Day – March 21


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  1. John:

    I must admit my dear friend that you never cease to amaze me. I never knew any of this about you when we shared our employment at AMMSG. However, I did quickly surmise you were one extremely intelligent individual that I enjoyed getting into conversation with on many an occassion.

    Please keep me copied on any other surprises you may have up your sleeve or on the tip of your pen!

    Be well my friend,

    Coleen Campbell


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