By J E Solomon
It came to be called marriage
And it sounds like mile-age
Somehow, it has to do with distance –
A somewhat rough and uncertain journey
That hardly survives without money.

It’s still called marriage
It can drive couples into outrage
And send them off to divorce courts
Each with an attorney on their side
Not a bridesmaid or bestman beside

It’ll continue to be called marriage
And kind of rhymes with drainage
It does something similar to draining
For it’ll surely drain your earnings
And also likely deplete your savings

It’s also referred to as a union
And sarcastically likened to a prison
From which escape doesn’t come easily
You may end up paying alimony
That can leave you in disharmony.

I don’t hate marriage
I consider it a divine privilege
To have to share one’s life
With someone of the opposite sex
And escape the curse of sinful sex.

Marriage, sometimes distressing
Normally has its own blessing
With one mind, one goal, one destiny
Marriage’s path will provide an endless
Joy, and life filled with smiles of success.

Copyright © 2009: John E Solomon All rights reserved

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