Love that begins on the 1st
Survives 21st, will surely see 31st
Love that with rashness is born
Soon will it grapple with scorn.

Love that in April will not bloom
The same in May will see its gloom
And if in June it’s found to be dry
It sure will not be wet come July.

Love that with money is hard to win
Once won, inspires greater trust within
But love that on riches thrives
All of its strength, poverty deprives.

Love that truly knows no fear
Such love will daily grow dear
But love that smells a rat
No sooner will it depart.

Love that with patience will grow
Such love with time, will glow
And if in pain such love will smile
The same in joy will weep a while.

Love that harbors needless pain
The same love will show disdain
And love that stands the test of time
For it, the wedding bells will chime.

J. E. Solomon: February 1995.

First published in “The Mirror”
A Ghanaian weekly newspaper.

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