By J E Solomon
Into the womb a seed is planted
In time it sprouts, into what’s called the embryo
Boneless, hairless, and toothless
All blood and tissue
And minute by minute, hour by hour,
Day by day,
Weeks into months –
Nine at the most, or less by some mishap
The wonder of Nature is revealed
A human being is formed
Mind, soul, and body –
That could be a he, or a she
Ready to be ushered into an uncertain world
Oblivious of what awaits him or her
Fate or Providence, acceptance or rejection
Love or hate, joy or pain
Abundance or lack, wellness or illness
Success or failure, living or dying
But such is human life –
Inexplicable, unpredictable
Sometimes, seemingly meaningless
Oh, human life, human life!
How it all started; when it all started
And why it even started
All remain, and will forever remain
The greatest mystery

Copyright © 2008: John E Solomon All rights reserved


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